Fishing in Swedish Lapland - Storuman

Fishing in Swedish Lapland - Storuman This peaceful and stunning area found in the spectacular North is an excellent place for leisure whether you are an experienced fisherman or just or maybe simply a friend of nature. Lapland's waters are rich with Trout, Grayling, Arctic charr and of course, trophy worthy Whitefish, Pike and Perch! For some it will be remarkable journey, for some unforgettable battle with "Northern trophy" fish.
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Who are we?

"If you want to succeed you should strike out on new paths, rather than travel the worn paths of accepted success."
/By John D. Rockefeller/

With this motto in mind, in 2007 I travelled to Sweden, which for many anglers is an undiscovered area. At the start of my journey all I knew about Sweden was that it had a King, good at Ice Hockey, and they were very fond of a rotting Herring delicacy called "Surstroemming" and that it had over 90 000 lakes.
I asked myself where is the best place to go for fishing? Is it permitted to fish everywhere? But most importantly - would other anglers be attracted to the place?
I had to find answers to these questions. I am a very keen fishermen and over the past 10 years I have fished in hundreds of lakes. During my time here I can honestly say that I have felt the Northern Breeze, become acquainted with the local fishing specialities. Now with absolute certainty I can say - I know how it is all done!
Starting with a little house in Sweden's Midlands, to a serviced complex for anglers in Lapland, Storuman Municipality - this is what I have achieved so far.
With pride, we call our complex - "Storuman Fishing", which is now recognised and preferred place for fishing and leisure by today's anglers. With assurance we can say that we were first who established fishing tourism in Sweden. We can offer you the very best fishing and leisure facilities at our complex. This is due to our hard work, enthusiasm and real experience over all these years here.

We want to try and create an experience for you that you will never forget and you will want to return again and again, this is our ambition!

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Raivo Kleinbergs



For complete relaxation, our guests are accommodated in warm, cosy and fully equipped apartments. We have a large comfortable guest lounge and separate, specially equipped room for cleaning and gutting the fish.

Fishing guide

An important factor is an information about current times best fishing spots and fishing methods, all which can be obtained from camp staff.

Water transport

More than 30 motorboats are available to our guests. They're located in various waters near the complex Which will give you a chance to be in the countless beautiful, breathtaking areas here and try various fishing techniques.


Individually agreeing with camp's owner, extra services are available such as meals, transport for groups, sauna with BBQ and hot tub, facilities to smoke fish and motorised vehicles hire.

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